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English-Hindi > baby talk

baby talk meaning in Hindi

baby talk sentence in Hindi

baby    प्रेयसी बच्चा
talk    सम्भाषण बातें
1.If a baby talks before walking, his tongue will be his ruin.

2.She bends over, talking baby talk and scratching him under his chin.

3.Dedicating a day at the White House to " talking about baby talk,"

4.Some educators say using baby talk does not help children's developing language skills.

5.-- Early career : Several TV failures ( " Baby Talk,"

6.In fact, pronunciation with a [ t ] is perceived as baby talk.

7.Not baby talk, but like an adult, in a grown-up voice.

8.Verbal praise is rarely enthusiastic and baby talk is never used.

9.Bobby said, imitating the voice and baby talk of Tommy, the Rugrats'1-year-old leader.

10."This is not even baby talk, " the person said.

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the developing speech of a young child
Synonyms: babytalk,

an adult''s imitation of the speech of a young child
Synonyms: babytalk, motherese,

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