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English-Hindi > baby tooth

baby tooth meaning in Hindi

baby tooth sentence in Hindi
शिशु के दांत
दूध का दांत
दूध के दाँत
दूध का दाँत
baby    प्रेयसी बच्चा
tooth    दांत दांता स्वाद
1.He is scared because he has just lost his last baby tooth.

2.My son just lost his first baby tooth; my daughter just got hers.

3.And the decay from a baby tooth can damage the permanent tooth below.

4.Having a baby tooth fall out isn't such a bad deal.

5.Once the root is gone, the baby tooth falls out.

6.When Jack refuses, Pitch threatens to kill Baby Tooth unless Jack gives him his staff.

7.That baby tooth is doomed to bail out.

8.Kyle Walsh, an antisocial teenager befriended by Caitlin Greene ( Emily Browning ), loses his last baby tooth.

9.A few days ago, he came barreling into my bedroom, clutching a little baby tooth in his fist.

10.As a permanent tooth develops near the surface, it causes the root of the baby tooth to shrink.

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one of the first temporary teeth of a young mammal (one of 20 in children)
Synonyms: primary tooth, deciduous tooth, milk tooth,

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