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English-Hindi > babyish

babyish meaning in Hindi

babyish sentence in Hindi
1.AGES 11 and up Probably too babyish for this age group.

2.Whiny and babyish Gore aides are blowing it out of proportion.

3.A very babyish question now, but I've been reminiscing.

4.He also was seen putting babyish wallpaper on her walls.

5.Are babies, too, attracted to babyish features?

6.The price is not so babyish : $ 36.

7.Their popularity as pets stems from their babyish appearance.

8.Even my 8-year-old daughter said it sounded a little babyish.

9."I know it's kind of babyish but we still like him.

10.The icons and tunes in the Mix and Match section seem babyish compared with the rest.

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characteristic of a baby; "babyish tears and petulance"

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