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English-Hindi > baccy

baccy meaning in Hindi

baccy sentence in Hindi
1.Despite its Bohemian name, this waxwing gets drunk rather than indulging in wacky baccy.

2.Such things produce cries of protest in Richmond, a place where'baccy, bourbon and barbecue are all sacred.

3.His latest contribution is the " Waccy Baccy Races " series for the magazine " Wasted " in collaboration with Alan Grant.

4.He learned here about the sea and navigation along with his most notable habit, of chewing tobacco, giving him the nickname " Baccy Ismay ".

5.He counts the bunnies in what is presumably a Scottish accent : " six leetle fat rabbits ", and argues with his wife about buying " baccy ".

6.The idea was to meet regularly in baccy ", possibly a memory of the Skeleton _ Army of the 1880s, and there to be fined for heinous sins, such as not wearing the cuff-links ( dinners opened with the highest-ranking member, the " Senior Blower ", giving the command " Gentlemen, shoot your linen " at which point all members showed their cuffs ).

7.Ed was seen heading into surgery for coronary bypass ( necessitated by his lifelong affair with " beer and baccy " ) at the end of the second series, with Felix on the one hand, abetted by Jaz, pushing him to start on a new novel for Jaz to film ( " Put plenty of cricket in it . " says Felix ) while Ping is urging him to commit to " Pet Peeves 2 ", the fee for which will be needed to pay his hospital bill.

leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion
Synonyms: tobacco,

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