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English-Hindi > baccy

baccy meaning in Hindi

baccy sentence in Hindi
• तंबाकूऊ
1.Despite its Bohemian name, this waxwing gets drunk rather than indulging in wacky baccy.

2.Such things produce cries of protest in Richmond, a place where'baccy, bourbon and barbecue are all sacred.

3.His latest contribution is the " Waccy Baccy Races " series for the magazine " Wasted " in collaboration with Alan Grant.

4.He learned here about the sea and navigation along with his most notable habit, of chewing tobacco, giving him the nickname " Baccy Ismay ".

5.He counts the bunnies in what is presumably a Scottish accent : " six leetle fat rabbits ", and argues with his wife about buying " baccy ".

6.The idea was to meet regularly in baccy ", possibly a memory of the Skeleton _ Army of the 1880s, and there to be fined for heinous sins, such as not wearing the cuff-links ( dinners opened with the highest-ranking member, the " Senior Blower ", giving the command " Gentlemen, shoot your linen " at which point all members showed their cuffs ).

7.Ed was seen heading into surgery for coronary bypass ( necessitated by his lifelong affair with " beer and baccy " ) at the end of the second series, with Felix on the one hand, abetted by Jaz, pushing him to start on a new novel for Jaz to film ( " Put plenty of cricket in it . " says Felix ) while Ping is urging him to commit to " Pet Peeves 2 ", the fee for which will be needed to pay his hospital bill.

leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion
Synonyms: tobacco,

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