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English-Hindi > bachelorhood

bachelorhood meaning in Hindi

bachelorhood sentence in Hindi
1.In his renewed bachelorhood, Schmidt's world is shrinking.

2.Bond, restored to bachelorhood, remains a bachelor to the end.

3.But while bachelorhood and remarrying may be safe topics, age is not.

4.The men are initially delighted to return to bachelorhood.

5.His friend Meng Yuchang, 23, was even more inconsolable in his bachelorhood.

6.Hef's term for his renewed bachelorhood : " The unexpected epilogue.

7.Felipe's bachelorhood has been the subject of keen national speculation for years.

8.Bachelorhood is not the only shared denominator.

9.You are my best friend, " ending more than 30 years of randy bachelorhood.

10.Their son Bilbo inherited the smial in his adult bachelorhood on the death of his parents.

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the state of being an unmarried man

the time of a man''s life prior to marriage

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