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badinage sentence in Hindi

"badinage" meaning in Hindibadinage in a sentence
  • The man-on-the-street badinage can be priceless.
  • If I may add a reference to all this badinage?
  • Ms . Davis and Ms . Gallagher are nearly her equals in badinage.
  • Such badinage has become an accepted form of contemporary humor, almost obligatory.
  • For their sultry, intelligent badinage in " An Ideal Husband ."
  • The actors'friendship infused the film : their best scenes are boyish badinage.
  • The two are sharing breakfast and badinage.
  • Still, the show's sunny charisma and sparkling badinage remain firmly in place.
  • Badinage about boodle dominates our discussion.
  • That bit of badinage cemented Phoenix's reputation as a channel that gets away with things.
  • Bitchy, creative, intelligent badinage is a good thing, part of the gasoline of fashion.
  • P . S . Captain Strange says his team's best badinage is yet to come.
  • He paints in broad strokes, uses jokes and badinage, and veers between impressive precision and imprecise impressionism.
  • I will then, with my cohorts, spout and spew tramp ribaldries, raucous rusticana and fecal badinage.
  • The badinage soon turns serious, and issues that were never spoken of when Mark was alive are finally aired.
  • As you might guess from his credits, Farrelly writes good locker-room badinage and good one-liners.
  • Not so, said several teammates who reported seeing what happened and hearing the classic locker-room badinage that followed.
  • From most players, this badinage after a 6-1, 6-3 drubbing would sound like insufferable youthful arrogance.
  • She can enjoy flirty badinage with the family friend Judge Brack ( Harris Yulin ), until the possibility of actual sexual contact hovers.
  • Nowadays we are more likely to have bullying badinage, like that leveled at George Stephanopoulos by John Sununu on " Crossfire :"
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