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English-Hindi > baffles

baffles meaning in Hindi

baffles sentence in Hindi
• बाधिका
• रोक
• व्यारोध
• चक्कर में डाल देना
• घबड़ा देना
• चकरा देना
• व्यर्थ या निष्फल कर देना
• असमंजस में डालना
• व्यर्थ करना
• हैरान करना
• विफल करना
• चक्कर में डाल देना
• मात देना
• ठगना
1.The baffled attorney left and officials of the company started calling.

2.I find things in ou r kitchen drawers that baffle me.

3.Perez remains baffled as to why Lee went to that pitch.

4.But scientists confess that they are basically baffled by the phenomenon.

5.But he betrayed a technology orientation that may leave people baffled.

6.He reads so much he sometimes baffles teammates with his vocabulary.

7.But shopping for a security system can be a baffling experience.

8.It is baffling that a city lets itself slide like this.

9.Many other common computer-age terms can baffle these programs.

10.Tim Wakefield and his baffling knuckler almost created all that hubbub.

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