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English-Hindi > banger

banger meaning in Hindi

banger sentence in Hindi
• ससेज
• खटारा कार
• पटाखा
• बैंगर
1.Fewer Bangers for the Bucks : The Shape of Defense to Come

2."Milo O'Shea wanted Irish bangers,"

3.Second-year banger Pig Miller could also be a factor.

4.The 4-banger offers decent acceleration and sufficient passing reserve.

5.No one would ever call Pat Boone a head-banger.

6.His father was a hustler, dealer and gang-banger.

7.But Ellison is habitually iffy and Battie is not a banger.

8.I had a lot of friends that were gang-bangers.

9.I had a lot of friends who were gang-bangers.

10.Yet making " Banger " was no slam dunk.

firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing
Synonyms: firecracker, cracker,

(British informal) pork sausage

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