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English-Hindi > bangtail

bangtail meaning in Hindi

bangtail sentence in Hindi
1.In addition to the acquisition and development of Bangtail's titles, he also creates the cover and text designs.

2.Jones is currently Editor in Chief of the magazine " Big Sky Journal " as well as Publisher of Bangtail Press.

3.The early leaders were Wellington and an unnamed " Bangtail colt " who set a " very severe " pace from the start until half way up the straight.

4.He has published three notable novels, In Open Spaces ( Harpercollins 2002 ), The Watershed Years ( Riverbend 2007 ), and High and Inside ( Bangtail Press 2012 ).

5.Rowland's latest book, Fifty-Six Counties : A Montana Journey ( Bangtail Press, 2016 ), was the result of two years of travel to every county in Montana.

6.His recent works include two books from Bangtail Press : " 120 Songs of Tom Russell ", and " Blue Horse / Red Desert-The Art of Tom Russell ", a book of selected paintings.

a horse bred for racing
Synonyms: racehorse, race horse,

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