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banisters sentence in Hindi

"banisters" meaning in Hindibanisters in a sentence
  • Q . I am making fancy wood railings and banisters outdoors.
  • Dohnanyi was able to grab the banister with his right hand.
  • He was seen trying to cling to the banisters before falling.
  • J . Banister estimates that this number is about 23 million.
  • Original doors sash windows skirting tiling and banisters are present inside.
  • He takes off his gun and balances it on a banister.
  • Banister's files went to various people after his death.
  • You would see them when they hung their cloths on the banister.
  • Believe it or not, we used to slide down the banisters.
  • The movement has an unlikely ally : a man named Joe Banister.
  • Jeff Banister and Joe Maddon are the most recent winners.
  • Banister also worked with Ferrie's associate, Sergio Arcacha Smith.
  • After leaving ranger service in 1881, John Banister moved to Goldthwaite.
  • In 1934, Banister joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Banister died of coronary thrombosis on June 6, 1964.
  • The staircase railing consists of ornamental iron with a finished wood banister.
  • Following his playing career, Banister remained with the Pirates.
  • Their track was located at Banister Court Stadium in Southampton, Hampshire.
  • The grand staircase features a banister created by Burkhardt Steel of Denver.
  • Some of the original interior woodwork survives, including doors, banisters.
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