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English-Hindi > bar

bar meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ bɑ: ]  sound:  
verb past tense: barred   verb past participle: barred   noun plural: bars   verb present participle: barring   
bar sentence in Hindi
1.Extra spacing applied to the width of a progress bar.
प्रगति पट्टी की चौड़ाई में लागू अतिरिक्त अंतरण.

2.Minimum value level that can be displayed by the bar
पट्टी द्वारा दिखाए जा सकने वाला अधिकतम मान स्तर

3.Maximum value level that can be displayed by the bar
पट्टी द्वारा दिखाए जा सकने वाला अधिकतम मान स्तर

4.Extra spacing applied to the height of a progress bar.
प्रगति पट्टी की ऊँचाई में लागू अतिरिक्त अंतरण.

5.He was planning as he left the bar .
शराबखाने से बाहर आने के बाद भी उसकी योजनाएं जारी थीं ।

6.Whether or not to show the bluetooth indicator in the menu bar.
मेनू पट्टी में ब्लूटूथ सूचक दिखाई जाए या नहीं.

7.As globaloney, the difference between the dark blue bars
गहरे नीले रंग की सलाखों के बीच globaloney अंतर, के रूप में

8.Press space key to toggle attachment bar
संलग्नक पट्टी टॉगल करने के लिए स्पेस कुंजी दबायें

9.He doesn't remember if he stole my chocolate bar,
उसे याद नही रहता के उसने मेरा चौकलेट बार चोरी किया है,

10.Hide system title bar and use compact borders
सिस्टम शीर्षक बार छुपाएं और संकुचित बॉर्डर उपयोग करें

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the act of preventing; "there was no bar against leaving"; "money was allocated to study the cause and prevention of influenza"
Synonyms: prevention,

a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon; "there were bars in the windows to prevent escape"

an obstruction (usually metal) placed at the top of a goal; "it was an excellent kick but the ball hit the bar"

a counter where you can obtain food or drink; "he bought a hot dog and a coke at the bar"

(law) a railing that encloses the part of the courtroom where the judges and lawyers sit and the case is tried; "spectators were not allowed past the bar"

a heating element in an electric fire; "an electric fire with three bars"

a horizontal rod that serves as a support for gymnasts as they perform exercises

a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter; "he drowned his sorrows in whiskey at the bar"
Synonyms: barroom, saloon, ginmill, taproom,

a block of solid substance (such as soap or wax); "a bar of chocolate"
Synonyms: cake,

a narrow marking of a different color or texture from the background; "a green toad with small black stripes or bars"; "may the Stars and Stripes forever wave"
Synonyms: stripe, streak,

musical notation for a repeating pattern of musical beats; "the orchestra omitted the last twelve bars of the song"
Synonyms: measure,

the body of individuals qualified to practice law in a particular jurisdiction; "he was admitted to the bar in New Jersey"
Synonyms: legal profession, legal community,

a submerged (or partly submerged) ridge in a river or along a shore; "the boat ran aground on a submerged bar in the river"

(meteorology) a unit of pressure equal to a million dynes per square centimeter; "unfortunately some writers have used bar for one dyne per square centimeter"

prevent from entering; keep out; "He was barred from membership in the club"
Synonyms: debar, exclude,

secure with, or as if with, bars; "He barred the door"

render unsuitable for passage; "block the way"; "barricade the streets"; "stop the busy road"
Synonyms: barricade, block, blockade, stop, block off, block up,

expel, as if by official decree; "he was banished from his own country"
Synonyms: banish, relegate,

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