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barrette sentence in Hindi

"barrette" meaning in Hindibarrette in a sentence
  • Hair accessories such as barrettes or a ski-inspired headband.
  • How angry can you be at plastic barrettes and ankle socks?
  • But maybe the barrette in her hair would trigger the sensor.
  • After World War I, Barrette commanded various Coast Artillery districts.
  • Aggressiveness and athleticism were applauded, bows and barrettes no longer necessary.
  • Tiny barrettes held back bangs, third-grade style.
  • Once Barrette wrote of the joy of eating fresh eggs.
  • Perhaps a piece of paper, a barrette, a bottle cap.
  • Jackie gives Tina back her barrette and removes the curse.
  • A woman carrying a white Maltese bedecked in barrettes.
  • "Your hair is beautiful, " assured the barrette woman.
  • My grandmother preferred heavy barrettes made of brushed metal or imitation tortoise shell.
  • Yet the cheap Chinese lacquer box of my barrettes and combs followed me.
  • "She gave me two hair barrettes for Mother's Day.
  • It's like buying new barrettes ."
  • Her hulk was sold on 9 August 1934 to Alberto Barrette of Manila.
  • Barrettes are also sometimes used purely for decorative purposes.
  • They are usually secured with accessories such as barrettes and / or hairpins.
  • Hair accessories continue to be popular, particularly the jeweled barrette, Cohen says.
  • Barrettes and hair bows will not be taxed, but head scarves will be.
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