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English-Hindi > barrier bar

barrier bar meaning in Hindi

barrier bar sentence in Hindi

barrier    आड़ आड़ घेरा नाका
bar    छड़ सिटकिनी डंडा
1.The entire shoreline of the cape consists of barrier bars, lagoons and spits.

2.These deposits are found mainly in the coastal plain, where they form a system of lagoons and barrier bars or spits.

3.A dock and ramp were constructed, a trailerpark developed and a channel dredged through the barrier bars across the mouth of the estuary.

4.The high-energy marine or lacustrine environments associated with coquinas include beaches, shallow submarine raised banks, swift tidal channels, and barrier bars.

5.The gorge is incised through the Namurian Great Limestone and is of particular interest because beds of sandstone in the middle of the section show structures characteristic of a shoreline, with the features of a river delta and barrier bar.

6.Bradford B . van Diver has described the eastern Lake Ontario dunes as " similar in many details to the south shore of Long Island, with drowned river mouths forming lagoons behind a smooth curving line of barrier bars . " The lagoons to which van Diver refers are the notable ponds of this region, including ( from north to south ) Black, Lakeview, North Sandy, and South Sandy.

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