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English-Hindi > battlements

battlements meaning in Hindi

battlements sentence in Hindi
1.Visitors will, of course, not find battlements ringing Atlanta.

2.The Moor then flings himself from the battlements to avoid punishment.

3.The site was enclosed by a wall with battlements in 1327.

4.The west tower has buttresses, battlements, gargoyles and pinnacles.

5.A brick tunnel is used for the scenes on the battlements.

6.The six battlements symbolize the six constituent communities and Tannenberg Castle.

7.The top of the tower is surmounted by battlements and pinnacles.

8.Along the top of the nave are moulded eaves and battlements.

9.The chapel parapets are deep crenelated repeats of the tower battlements.

10.Remember to lay your forced Heads over the Battlements . }}

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