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English-Hindi > beacon tower

beacon tower meaning in Hindi

beacon tower sentence in Hindi

• प्रकाश स्तंभ
beacon    प्रकाश
tower    दुर्ग बुर्ज मीनार
1.So far, it has a beacon tower but no running water or electricity.

2.Batman heads to the Beacon Tower when he sees the Architect destroying it.

3.Simatai Great Wall is 5.4 km long with 35 beacon towers.

4.The current beacon tower is the second navigational aid located on the Keskiniemi promontory.

5.This one, Beacon Towers, has been described by scholars as a pure Gothic fantasy.

6.These include four cardinal gates, a floodgate, four secret gates and a beacon tower.

7.The current Laitakari beacon tower was built in 1851.

8.Beacon towers were erected on the top of cliffs to make them hard of access.

9.A corrupt officer suggested using the beacon towers of Mount Li to call the allied armies.

10.The beacon tower has historical cultural heritage and is a part of Finnish maritime building heritage.

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