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English-Hindi > bean sprouts

bean sprouts meaning in Hindi

bean sprouts sentence in Hindi
अंकुरित सेम
bean    थोड़ा पैसा बीज
1.Sliced onions and bean sprouts are also frequent additions to the recipe.

2.Garnish with remaining bean sprouts and lime wedges and serve at once.

3.Arrange the bean sprouts, basil, lime and chile on a large plate.

4.In addition, people usually eat it with bean sprouts and crispy pork.

5.It has even turned up in seafood, chocolate and bean sprouts.

6.6 cups assorted greens mixed with shredded carrots and bean sprouts

7.Bean sprouts : Fresh bean sprouts are available at most stores.

8.Stir in sea salt, fish sauce, black pepper and bean sprouts.

9.Continue cooking another minute, then add bean sprouts and reserved pork.

10.Bean sprouts : Fresh bean sprouts are available at most stores.

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