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English-Hindi > beanbag

beanbag meaning in Hindi

beanbag sentence in Hindi
1.It would have been better if there were beanbag shotguns available.

2.Gilbert police have never had to shoot anyone with the beanbags.

3.But, hey, politics ain't beanbag, right?

4.O'Neill used to say, ain't beanbag.

5.Chairs and a beanbag had been brought up from the den.

6.The person had been hit in the chest by a beanbag.

7.Right now, I think the beanbag is the answer.

8.Attempts to reach people who were shot by the beanbags were unsuccessful.

9.Beanbags are said to be accurate to about 50 feet.

10.When they went off, Armentrout fired the beanbag round.

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a small cloth bag filled with dried beans; thrown in games

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