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English-Hindi > beautician

beautician meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ bju:'tiʃən ]  sound:  
beautician sentence in Hindi
1.The beauticians from the salon across the street left peach carnations.

2.Like being a flight attendant, a beautician or a lawyer.

3.Her mother was a beautician, her father a marine watercolorist.

4.She closed her eyes as the beautician snipped away Wednesday afternoon.

5.Clara Calhoun is a beautician with a shop in New York.

6.Trained as a beautician, Bassinger has owned her shop since 1988.

7.Alice's little joke, the beautician told me.

8.That's like being Cindy Crawford's beautician.

9.To physicians, beauticians, magicians, musicians, politicians and electricians.

10.By afternoon, the beautician was able to revive her spirits somewhat.

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someone who works in a beauty parlor
Synonyms: cosmetician,

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