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English-Hindi > betrothed

betrothed meaning in Hindi

betrothed sentence in Hindi
1.Hoi agreed to do that and sent him back safe to get married to his betrothed .
होई ने उसे वर देकर विदा किया1 निश्चित तिथि पर उसका विवाह संपन्न हुआ . ”

2.In some areas during the various festivals , gifts of jewellery and clothes are sent to the betrothed .
कुछ क्षेत्रों में ' फागुली ' आदि त्यौहारों पर लड़की के नाम पोल्टू , वस्त्राभुषण तथा दही आदि भी भेजे जाते है .

the person to whom you are engaged

pledged to be married; "the engaged couple"
Synonyms: bespoken,

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