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big wheel sentence in Hindi

"big wheel" meaning in Hindi
  • They were big wheels in high school, and now they are failing.
  • Still, athletic department officials maintain that the Big Wheel Club is invaluable.
  • From then on Overpack's big wheels were part of Michigan logging history.
  • This is Gill's chance to be the big wheel, not the third.
  • It's the Big Wheel meets the Beetle _ with a power cord!
  • Stewie gets into a drunken Big Wheel accident and injures another child.
  • "What's the saying ? ` The big wheel keeps on rolling, "'
  • Finally, the minimum prize on the big wheel is ?20, 000.
  • Bure, while in Moscow, travels in armor-plated limousines among well-heeled big wheels.
  • Dirt and pollen can't hide from the Big Wheel's extra-large headlight.
  • "Big Wheels " will be released as the album's second single.
  • But the big wheels on campus tended to dismiss Wallace's ambitions as comical.
  • But being a big wheel is not my idea of fun.
  • Several former Fisher's Big Wheel stores were also acquired in 1994.
  • He says next time he's going to ride his Big Wheel.
  • Annual races are held for big wheel-style tricycles in some locations.
  • _LIMO : " Big wheels " or " Hot wheels ."
  • And at the University of Missouri, it's the Big Wheel Club.
  • But it makes the agent a big wheel for a day, I guess.
  • One player went to the Big Wheel, the others won cash.
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