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bigamous sentence in Hindi

"bigamous" meaning in Hindi
  • In any case, such a marriage would have been bigamous.
  • This was a bigamous marriage as he was already married to Jane.
  • In total, Smith entered into seven bigamous marriages between 1908 and 1914.
  • The bigamous nature of their marriage was kept secret during Bates's lifetime.
  • But their union was genuine, and her four subsequent marriages were unwittingly bigamous.
  • Yet we are importing bigamous, or even polygamous, unemployed foreigners and their children.
  • They were joined in the dispute by bigamous and his son by that marriage illegitimate.
  • The judge rejected the marriage as bigamous and sentenced Suffolk to 15 years penal servitude.
  • Rao offers to marry Ratne despite his earlier marriage and live in a bigamous relationship.
  • This marriage was considered bigamous, with Adelaide still alive and Christina possibly still alive.
  • When the colonial authorities learn of the bigamous relationship, they choose not to interfere.
  • The marriage turned out the be bigamous as he was still married to his previous wife.
  • After the union became public, this caused a scandal, because Vladislaus II was bigamous.
  • Furthermore, although Tausug men may acquire two wives, bigamous or plural marriages are rare.
  • Multiple convictions for fraud in multiple countries and a bigamous marriage are just part of it.
  • The younger son, Daniel, was illegitimate because he was the son of a bigamous marriage.
  • With Adelheid still alive and Christina possibly surviving, the marriage to Hedwig was also considered bigamous.
  • The bigamous party would still be in hot water and the marriage would still be deemed invalid.
  • They lived there together until they were charged by the state of North Carolina for bigamous cohabitation.
  • Cardinal Guido even wrote of clergymen " found bigamous or married to widows or repudiated women ".
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