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English-Hindi > biggish

biggish meaning in Hindi

biggish sentence in Hindi
1.Once again, a biggish emerging-market economy is in trouble.

2.It has also gotten coverage today on LegalInsurrection, a biggish blog.

3.It's biggish, about the size of a stuffed bifold wallet.

4.The debate is now about who will come along with a biggish wad of cash.

5.The body found under the hedge was that of a middle-aged woman, biggish and gaunt.

6.Sorry about the loading time, the background image is kinda biggish but i wanted it to look realistic.

7.What are the odds of her name not appearing againt 3 biggish films if she worked on all of them?

8.One of his biggish ideas is " You Can't Live Without an Eraser, " of which Peters writes:

9.The Biggish Band was also given the honor of celebrating the 100 year centennial for Frank Sinatra with the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

10.I came into conflict with users User : Bugeyewoodchuck and User : Biggish _ Bertha with them reverting my edits of article Brian J Ford.

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somewhat large
Synonyms: largish,

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