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bighead sentence in Hindi

"bighead" meaning in Hindi
  • I caught some bigheads last year that weighed over 70 pounds.
  • Bighead and silver carp feed by filtering plankton from the water.
  • Unlike the common carp, bighead carp are primarily filter feeders.
  • Possession of live bighead carp has been illegal in Illinois since 2005.
  • Live bighead carp are also banned from sale in Canada.
  • The bighead goby is a Ponto-Caspian relict species.
  • Bighead carp are considered a highly destructive invasive species in the United States.
  • Communities are attempting to contain the spread of the extremely invasive bighead carp.
  • On the farm, Utah Watkins struggles with his cattle, aided by Bessie Bighead.
  • Bighead carp are native to the large rivers and associated floodplain lakes of eastern Asia.
  • Another potential avenue for unintentional spread of bighead carp is through use as fishing bait.
  • Mr . Bighead, an Charles Adler.
  • Since February 2007, using LIVE bighead carp as fishing bait has been illegal in Missouri.
  • In December 2010, the U . S . Congress banned the importation of bighead carp.
  • Grass carp off the coast of China hold far less internal mercury than do bighead carp.
  • The bighead carp has a very fast growth rate, which makes it a lucrative aquaculture fish.
  • In the Dniester Estuary the bighead goby invasive Far Eastern nematode " Anguillicoloides crassus ".
  • The reason for this is that bighead carp are filter feeders, while grass carp are not.
  • Bighead and silver carp are the most important fish, worldwide, in terms of total aquaculture production.
  • In 2017, he will present a new entertainment series for ITV called " Bigheads ".
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