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English-Hindi > billboarded

billboarded meaning in Hindi

billboarded sentence in Hindi
• सूचना-पट्ट
• सूचनापट्ट
• विज्ञापन पट
• तख्तों का घेरा
• इश्तहार
• जमाखोरी
• बिलबोर्ड
• लंगर-पट्टी
• विज्ञापन-तख्ता
1.This place is so billboarded-up, folks are having trouble keeping up with the billboards.

2.It billboarded itself as having uncovered the spark that ignited the entire crack epidemic _ and that was one reach too many.

3.There is a kind of California pop, the most famous kind, that is rich with ebullient harmonies and billboarded emotions.

4.Dobbs dismissed concerns about his rhetoric as " political correctness " in the segment billboarded " P . C . Nation ".

5.Today a thousand arena spotlights shine on such race fantasies, and they are billboarded and exploited by media outlets and entertainment conglomerates.

6.Every one of Jordan's road games last season was billboarded as potentially his last visit to ( fill in the city ).

7."One of the most billboarded-up cities in the country, " assessed University of Georgia real estate professor Charles Floyd.

8.The very appearance of Nussbaum _ billboarded for weeks as the hearing's not-to-be-missed " New York litigator " _ epitomized the summer festival of lawyering that the Senate and House Whitewater hearings have become.

9.The way the Judiciary Committee billboarded the day's hearing _ " The Consequences of Perjury " _ had the ring of the pulpit to it, much as the sermon topic " The Wages of Sin " has generated countless spiritual revivals across American history.

10.Think of anyone in sports TV now who generates such passion _ well, some players hope to hit the billboarded face of Fox's Keith Olbermann on outfield fences nationwide _ or a single one who would tell you, as Cosell did, that he was more than capable of anchoring the evening news.

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