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billboarding sentence in Hindi

"billboarding" meaning in Hindi
  • "' Billboarding "'is one form of ecotage in the form of monkeywrenching.
  • Billboarders consider billboarding an art form as well as an ethical, moral, and justified act.
  • In billboarding its fashion talent, Gap seems to be signaling a fresh direction, promoting fashion over basics.
  • "It is like the billboarding of the novel, " said Letty Cottin Pogrebin, president of the Authors Guild.
  • On one side is the high-vaulted Metropolitan Opera House and on the other is the Vivian Beaumont Theater with neon lights billboarding its current theatrical attractions.
  • The American novelist Edward Abbey seems to have greatly advanced ( if not out-right advocated ) the art of billboarding starting around the year 1950 in and around the New Mexico city of Albuquerque.
  • "Most of the stores on Madison are a form of retail billboarding, similar to the Warner Brothers or Disney store or Niketown, " says Paco Underhill, managing director of Envirosell, a behavioral research and consulting firm that specializes in retail shopping patterns.
  • Billboarding a Web site address on one's pants, it is thought, could be as much a sign of status as a stroll with a cellular phone or the lugging of a laptop once was : the Web address acts like a vanity license plate or designer label.
  • In turn, some of the actions suggested in " Ecotage ! " actually began to be carried out, particularly billboarding, when small groups in the early 1970s such as the one calling themselves the " Eco-Raiders " in Tucson, Arizona, began cutting down billboards.

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