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English-Hindi > binet

binet meaning in Hindi

binet sentence in Hindi
1.Stephanie Binet, a spokeswoman for Axa-UAP, said.

2.The Stanford-Binet test questions have not changed since 1986.

3.As the 1900s began, Alfred Binet was also studying evaluation.

4.Since 2009 H�l�ne Binet is represented by ammann / / gallery.

5.Individuals were assessed using IQ tests like the Stanford-Binet.

6.As a guineas by representatives of Mme Jean-Pierre Binet.

7.Protests were launched by GLAAD, BiNet USA and BiPAC among others.

8.Binet came to the asylum and continued his work there with Simon.

9.Not all subjects were discovered with the Stanford-Binet.

10.Alfred Binet can be seen as the father of the intelligence test.

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