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English-Hindi > biro

biro meaning in Hindi

biro sentence in Hindi
1.Gyongyi Biro and Alexander Neander were the silent and able announcers.

2.Biro said the men were not required to enter pleas Wednesday.

3.Norbert Madras and Peter Biros led Hungary with three goals each.

4.Biro was born in Paris in 1926 and grew up in Budapest.

5.Much of Biro's 18-page report dwelt on children.

6.Biro said he and a lieutenant carried out the executions.

7.Egypt demanded an investigation after Biro's comments were made public.

8.Biro was not returning telephone calls to his Khartoum hotel.

9.Kenneth Biros was executed using the single-drug method.

10.Dave Biro was left homeless and on the streets by Christmas 1982.

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