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English-Hindi > blenches

blenches meaning in Hindi

blenches sentence in Hindi
1.Roger Blench also cites Temple in his Atlas of Nigerian languages.

2.Blench ( 2012 ) suggests that Western Beboid may belong here.

3.Blench ( 2006 ) considers these two varieties to be distinct languages.

4.Blench ( 2006 ) considers Mikere dialect to be a separate language.

5.Blench ( 2006 ) considers Shugule ( Sh�gule ) a separate language.

6.Blench ( 2010 ) considers it to be Benue Congo.

7.Blench ( 2006 ) likewise classified them as Bantu languages.

8.Blench ( 2006 ) classifies the Woga variety as a separate language.

9.These claims have recently been picked up by anthropologist and linguist Roger Blench.

10.However, Blench and Post ( 2011 ) suspect both are language isolates.

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