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English-Hindi > bloodworms

bloodworms meaning in Hindi

bloodworms sentence in Hindi
1.I found a fairly secluded spot and baited two lines with bloodworms.

2.Here are some examples Giant bloodworm, Frost man, Rot grub.

3.They shared the same jetty rocks and silently passed bloodworms to each other.

4.In fact, the fishermen said bloodworms have changed their way of thinking.

5.They will readily accept frozen bloodworms, blackworms, and other frozen foods.

6.Bloodworms are the ideal bait when fishing for spot.

7.But once dangled from a hook, a bloodworm becomes a thing of beauty.

8.But despite their fish-attracting powers, bloodworms are not used that frequently.

9.A dozen bloodworms will cost you $ 5; nightcrawlers run about $ 2.

10.Consequently, bloodworms can be difficult to find.

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