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English-Hindi > blowholes

blowholes meaning in Hindi

blowholes sentence in Hindi
1.It has twin blowholes with a low splashguard to the front.

2.Blowholes have the capacity to change the topography near their locations.

3.Falling into one of the blowholes would be almost certainly fatal.

4.The point and blowhole are located just east of Poelua Bay.

5.Dr . Blowhole is mentioned in the episode " Eclipsed ".

6.Young visitors are often intrigued by the blowhole near the ball court.

7.The waters were too meek to create the blowhole effect that day.

8.Blue whales have twin blowholes shielded by a large splashguard.

9.Mysticetes have two blowholes, whereas Odontocetes contain only one.

10.Porpoises, like other odontocetes, possess only one blowhole.

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