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English-Hindi > blowing dust

blowing dust meaning in Hindi

blowing dust sentence in Hindi

वार्ती धूल
blowing    टपका आधमन धमन धमन
dust    गड़बड़ चूरा साफ़
1.Gusty winds may cause some blowing dust across western Arizona and southeast California.

2.Strong winds may cause blowing dust in the deserts east of the Cascades.

3.The compressed air is for blowing dust off the circuit boards.

4.Meanwhile, strong winds and blowing dust will affect the deserts of southern California.

5.Clouds of blowing dust filled the sky over parts of northern Afghanistan Wednesday.

6."The road out used to be pure mud or blowing dust, " said Pearl.

7.Blowing dust and sand will lower visibility in the deserts.

8.He said actions other than water-volcanism or blowing dust-could have formed the layered rock.

9.Vacuuming consisted of blowing dust off the bookshelves onto the books on the floor.

10.Gusty winds may produce some blowing dust in western Arizona.

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