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English-Hindi > blowing gas

blowing gas meaning in Hindi

blowing gas sentence in Hindi

उडनशील गैस
blowing    टपका आधमन धमन धमन
gas    निश्चेतक नाइट्रस
1.Pneumatic conveying is the transport of powders or grains through a pipe by blowing gas.

2.Since the blowing reaction occurs forming low molecular weight compounds acting as the blowing gas, additional exothermic heat is also released.

3.A gas fluidized bed is a container filled with a powder or granular substance that is " fluffed up " by blowing gas upwardly through it.

4.In general, CO ought to be dissipated at the tailpipe and loss on the wind; however, I can imagine a leaking emissions system could have been blowing gas into the engine compartment from which some of it could easily have found its way into the main body of the car . talk ) 02 : 41, 27 January 2015 ( UTC)

the gas leaving a generator during a blow period
Synonyms: blow gas,

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