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blowlamps meaning in Hindi

blowlamps sentence in Hindi
1.It was powered by a steam engine heated by four blowtorches ( UK : blowlamps ) and it produced 10 hp ( 7 kW ) at 2000 rpm.

2.After the Korean War in the 1950s, propane caused many changes in the blowtorch industry worldwide, and by the 1970s most manufacturers of the old type of blowlamp, using gasoline or kerosene as fuel, had disappeared.

3.As a result, the Il-54 was assigned far more importance than it actually warranted, and was assigned the NATO reporting name ( "'" Blowlamp " "') after it had ceased flying.

4.The term " blowlamp " usually refers to liquid-fuelled torches still used in the UK . Liquid-fuelled torches are pressurized by a piston hand pump, while gas torches are self-pressurized by the fuel evaporation.

5.Although this lantern took slightly longer to start, compared with some Petromax types made by Ehrich & Graetz which were equipped with rapid, blowlamp type preheaters, it burned for hours on end without needing attention, providing 300 cp ( candle power ) light output.

6.A pastor in the Southern United States named burned a copy of the RSV with a blowlamp in his pulpit, saying that it was like the devil because it was hard to burn and sent the ashes as a protest to Weigle . ( However, F . F . Bruce dismissed it as a publicity stunt and wrote that it had the opposite effect of causing nearly every family in that congregation to acquire a copy . ) The RSV translators linked these events to the life of William Tyndale, an inspiration to them, explaining in their preface : " He met bitter opposition.

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