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English-Hindi > boorish

boorish meaning in Hindi

boorish sentence in Hindi
1.At a cocktail party, such behavior would be considered boorish.

2.It was really a very boorish thing for him to do.

3.Fenway was boorish to him during the All-Star Game.

4.Sandler has edge thanks to boorish, vulgar and violent behavior.

5.Much is made about the boorish behavior of some professional athletes.

6.Christmas can be defended without demagoguery, demonizing or boorish defenders.

7.Mokelu called her comments " boorish and undiplomatic ."

8.He is a boorish, screw-you pacesetter for cravings.

9.Here, Foote satirized the boorish behaviour of English gentlemen abroad.

10.Kaize is initially quite put off by Chunchun s boorish mannerism.

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ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance; "was boorish and insensitive"; "the loutish manners of a bully"; "her stupid oafish husband"; "aristocratic contempt for the swinish multitude"
Synonyms: loutish, neanderthal, neandertal, oafish, swinish,

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