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English-Hindi > brainpower

brainpower meaning in Hindi

brainpower sentence in Hindi
1.Not that Ward gives away any when it comes to brainpower.

2.The Israeli military often provides the brainpower for research and development.

3.They're pursued by robots hungry to harness human brainpower.

4.He then combines brainpower with a blend of strength and quickness.

5.The brainpower China uses in achieving its versatility can be maddening.

6.But consider Dierker's brainpower tried, tested and proven.

7.Software, by contrast, is mainly a matter of brainpower.

8.Scientific and managerial brainpower are the crucial raw materials of biotechnology.

9.Even the puny thermostat and doorbell can outclass the refrigerator in brainpower.

10.Did it take enormous brainpower to react to Burlington Northern?

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mental ability; "he''s got plenty of brains but no common sense"
Synonyms: brain, learning ability, mental capacity, mentality, wit,

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