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English-Hindi > brimstone

brimstone meaning in Hindi

brimstone sentence in Hindi
1.The other side expects me to be breathing fire and brimstone.

2.Not to mention some brimstone-speckled post-game quotes.

3.VIOLENCE Nearly relentless animated fire and brimstone, monsters and mayhem.

4.On the pulpit, McKinney is no fire and brimstone minister.

5.He's not a fire-and-brimstone preacher.

6.So Barnette is fire and brimstone when the going gets tough?

7.Hellfire-and-brimstone Keyes is more preacher than politician.

8.The Saturday meeting was not all fire and brimstone, however.

9.Brimstone was used extensively during Operation Ellamy over Libya in 2011.

10.The Brimstone Hill redoubt at St Kitts surrendered on 13 February.

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an old name for sulfur
Synonyms: native sulfur, native sulphur,

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