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brinelling sentence in Hindi

"brinelling" meaning in Hindibrinelling in a sentence
  • Brinelling often occurs when pressing bearings into holes or onto shafts.
  • Modern headsets, therefore, rarely suffer from false brinelling.
  • A common cause of brinelling is the use of improper installation procedures.
  • Similar events occur in false brinelling damage.
  • His name is also commemorated in the description of a failure mechanism of material surfaces known as Brinelling.
  • Brinelling can be caused by a heavy load resting on a stationary bearing for an extended length of time.
  • If pressing force is applied to the wrong race, brinelling can occur to either or both of the races.
  • High-quality bolted joints require hardened steel washers to prevent the loss of pre-load due to Brinelling after the torque is applied.
  • A second lesser form called false brinelling occurs if the bearing only rotates across a short arc and pushes lubricant out away from the rolling elements.
  • Also if a bearing is not rotating, oscillating forces on the bearing can cause impact damage to the bearing race or the rolling elements, known as brinelling.
  • Until recently, bicycle headsets tended to suffer from false brinelling in the " straight ahead " steering position, due to small movements caused by flexing of the fork.
  • For example, brinelling occurs in casters when the ball bearings within the swivel head produce grooves in the hard cap, thus degrading performance by increasing the required swivel force.
  • This forms wear marks caused by contact with the bearings and the races in specific areas, but not in others, leaving an uneven wear-pattern that resembles brinelling.
  • However, the marks are usually too wide and do not exactly match the shape of the bearing, and therefore this type of wear can be differentiated from true brinelling.
  • For example, with a stationary ( non-rotating ) load, small vibrations can gradually press out the lubricant between the races and rollers or balls ( false brinelling ).
  • The basic cause of false brinelling is that the design of the bearing does not have a method for redistribution of lubricant without large rotational movement of all bearing surfaces in the raceway.
  • Because the oxidized debris is usually much harder than the surfaces from which it came, it often acts as an abrasive agent that increases the rate of both fretting and a mechanical wear called false brinelling.
  • Doyoyo's honors thesis was on the design and construction of mechanical equipment to investigate false brinelling of heavy-duty masters'degrees in solid mechanics and applied mathematics in 1995 and 1996, respectively.
  • This means the intermediate spring doesn't need a special end, but the high stresses at the contact with the steel ball can lead to brinelling of the intermediate pin end or the top of the punch by the ball.

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