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bring around sentence in Hindi

"bring around" meaning in Hindibring around in a sentence
  • He was able to bring around many devotees from their Dvaita Vaishnava practices.
  • The one issue that is crucial to bring around a resolution is dialogue.
  • The guards would bring around petroleum baths to combat the plagues of fleas and lice.
  • A campaign to bring around the rest of the public will now begin in earnest.
  • His breeding-quality males bring around $ 5, 000 apiece.
  • Christie's believes it could bring around $ 35 million.
  • "Every six hours the ship's cook would bring around a pot of vegetable soup, then coffee,"
  • "But if they can bring around critics of the Endangered Species Act, I'm all for it.
  • If we talk about race relations, it may help bring around the people in the middle.
  • He also estimated the new services would bring around 15, 000 additional U . S . passengers to Britain.
  • "The policies that have been taken by the government haven't been able to bring around concrete results, " he said.
  • Another, whom she has known since childhood, scolded her, asking, " How many more darkies are you planning to bring around ?"
  • The'Chalk and Talk'method of Instruction remains the best, provided the teacher takes it on himself to bring around the students to learning.
  • The company had expected Baycol / Lipobay to bring around 1 billion euros ( dlrs 880 million ) in sales this year.
  • Then I'd pick up the phone and call Sandy to see if she'd bring around a couple of cups of coffee and Josh.
  • The US Social Security Administration data center is being relocated to Urbana and is expected to bring around 400 high paying IT jobs.
  • Projections on how much the SPT Telecom stake will raise vary, but it is expected to bring around dlrs 1 billion, according to analysts.
  • In 1967, the British Whippet Racing Association was established to bring around reform and consistency in race rules and procedures for races involving non-purebred Whippets.
  • This could be a good chance for us to build a better relationship . . . this could really bring around a new era of cooperation.
  • Christie's doesn't want to say publicly what the work is expected to sell for, but experts there believe it could well bring around $ 35 million.
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