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English-Hindi > buffeting

buffeting meaning in Hindi

buffeting sentence in Hindi
1.The rhetorical gusts that have been buffeting Turtle Bay have subsided.

2.The trade gap and the poor fiscal picture are buffeting Brazilian shares.

3.Air force helicopters could not fly in the buffeting winds.

4.But the strengthening euro is only one of multiple forces buffeting Europe.

5.Heavy rains and strong winds already were buffeting the region.

6.A shear layer results when air masses collide and cause buffeting currents.

7.Buffeting due to aerodynamic turbulence further degrades the pointing stability.

8.The announcements raise hopes of ending a political crisis buffeting the country.

9.Those values seem remarkably intact considering the buffeting the families have been taking.

10.The problems are complicated by the myriad pressures and currents buffeting school districts.

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repeated heavy blows
Synonyms: pounding,

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