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English-Hindi > bulking

bulking meaning in Hindi

bulking sentence in Hindi
• स्थूलन

• फूलना
• आयतन वर्धक
• एकत्रीकरण
1.Congress responded by bulking up its staff in the late 1940s.

2.But other formidable business people have had less success bulking up.

3.It s definitely different, but needs more bulking out ."

4.Do women need to worry about bulking up when exercising?

5.That's why people are bulking up ."

6.Forbes . com is bulking up to an editorial staff of 40.

7.Covering up doesn't have to mean bulking up this season.

8.She's not bulking up or changing her game.

9.Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is bulking up on telecom stock.

10.Dietary fibers have three primary mechanisms : bulking, viscosity and fermentation.

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