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English-Hindi > bunker

bunker meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: bunkered   verb past participle: bunkered   verb present participle: bunkering   
bunker sentence in Hindi
1.At the ports , oil was competing with bunkering coal .
बंदरगाहों पर तेल तटीय कोयले के मुकाबले में था .

2.As if Osama bin Laden had watched Independence Day in the private luxury of his bunker somewhere in Afghanistan , and , after an inspired Inshallah , gone to bed with a heavily underlined Tom Clancy .
लगता है , ओसामा बिन लदेन अफगानिस्तान के किसी इलके में अपने आलीशान निजी बंकर में इंड़िपेंड़ेस ड़े देख रहा होगा , और इंशा अल्लह कहकर टॉम कलेंसी के उपन्यास पढेते-पढेते सो गया होगा .

a hazard on a golf course
Synonyms: sand trap, trap,

a fortification of earth; mostly or entirely below ground
Synonyms: dugout,

a large container for storing fuel; "the ship''s bunkers were full of coal"

hit a golf ball into a bunker

transfer cargo from a ship to a warehouse

fill (a ship''s bunker) with coal or oil

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