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butteries sentence in Hindi

"butteries" meaning in Hindibutteries in a sentence
  • _Glen Ellen Chardonnay ( buttery, full-bodied ).
  • They are light and buttery compared with other dried white beans.
  • When cooked, they're tender, sweet and buttery.
  • Others loved the buttery crust and fresh-fruit tasting filling.
  • "Buttery, pleasantly bitter, " says another.
  • The dessert is great with thin lemon or buttery shortbread cookies.
  • Season with salt _ enough to bring out the buttery flavor.
  • The color of milk chocolate; smooth, sweet and buttery.
  • Sometimes the 93 percent fat-free, sometimes the buttery.
  • Not overly buttery, with enough acid to balance the fat.
  • It was the ideal terrine : sweet, buttery and light.
  • The deep, buttery color alone invites you to taste it.
  • The big, beautiful white bean boasts buttery but pillowy texture.
  • The buttery next to the Hall serves drinks around dinner time.
  • The basement of Pierson is also home to the Pierson Buttery.
  • When I opened my eyes, Guy Buttery was still there.
  • Use arrowroot or cornstarch as a thickener in place of buttery roux.
  • Canned corn is the basis for this buttery moist pudding.
  • Post's buttery paint is a pleasure in itself.
  • Eisen shot back : " By you, everything is buttery.
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