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English-Hindi > buttony

buttony meaning in Hindi

buttony sentence in Hindi
1.Button making ( buttony ) developed in the 1680s in the villages with Blandford the main centre.

2.At one time'Buttony'employed 4, 000 people with a turnover of ?4, 000.

3.Thomas was commissioned by The New Yorker Magazine for an artwork for the March 7, 2016 edition's short story, " Buttony ".

4.Her gardens looked good when nothing was in bloom, because she paid careful attention to the mix of foliage, even ordering the planting of santolinas with instructions to the gardener to lop off the buttony yellow flowers.

ornamented with many buttons

small and round and shiny like a shiny bead or button; "bright beady eyes"; "black buttony eyes"
Synonyms: beady, beadlike, buttonlike,

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