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cacique sentence in Hindi

"cacique" meaning in Hindi  
  • Herrera states that local caciques paid regular visits to the fountain.
  • The crown in the middle represents the supremacy of Cacique Canoban?
  • The cacique Caonabo was the first to resist the Spanish occupation.
  • In 1657, Pastrana was cacique in Arapaja and Santa Fe.
  • Tutaz�a succeeded Thomagata as " cacique " of Hunza.
  • Most Cacique stores will stay open through Jan . 31.
  • And it has closed Cacique, a small lingerie chain.
  • We are not tied to caciques, political cliques or economic interests.
  • Cacique control is what has kept the peasant in poverty.
  • The natives lived in small villages, each led by a cacique.
  • In 2010, they changed their name to the Caciques de Humacao.
  • The cacique appoints tribal council members, staff, and the governor.
  • The word " cacique " ( a loan from Spanish.
  • Coiba was home to the Coiba Cacique Spanish and forced into slavery.
  • A particularly bloody battle took place against the " cacique"
  • Ta�no caciques usually passed inheritance to the eldest children of their sisters.
  • The municipality is named for the sixteenth century " cacique"
  • :: Cacique is a Brazilian coffee roaster producing primarily instant coffee.
  • However a cacique named Lientur continued to lead troops in the field.
  • On May 28, 2013, he signed with Caciques de Humacao.
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