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English-Hindi > cadaveric

cadaveric meaning in Hindi

cadaveric sentence in Hindi
1.Semmelweis immediately proposed a connection between cadaveric contamination and puerperal fever.

2.Cadaveric donor $ 7, 231 $ 8, 560$

3.Cadaveric donors represent 35 % of donors in Saudi Arabia.

4.Hardy transplanted the cadaveric lung into a patient suffering from lung cancer.

5.The body showed evidence of perforations caused by cadaveric fauna.

6.Donors over age 50 now account for 29 percent of all cadaveric donors.

7.Sometimes, cadaveric spasms can be associated with erotic asphyxiation resulting in death.

8._Among cadaveric donors, 85 percent died due to head trauma or stroke.

9.And the House passed legislation this week to encourage living and cadaveric organ donation.

10.At this rate, living donors will outnumber cadaveric donors within a year or two.

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of or relating to a cadaver or corpse; "we had long anticipated his cadaverous end"
Synonyms: cadaverous,

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