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cadaverous sentence in Hindi

"cadaverous" meaning in Hindi
  • Some of the other teams look cadaverous, compared to us.
  • Nearby, a cadaverous old woman heard these laments and became envious.
  • Characters have small minds, cadaverous complexions and greasy hair.
  • Cadaverous, cranky bad guys obsessed with face lifts!
  • Thus, Semmelweis concluded some unknown " cadaverous material " caused childbed fever.
  • Liches are depicted as being clearly cadaverous, bodies desiccated or completely skeletal.
  • He wrote : The girl's face is by no means cadaverous.
  • She's icy, cadaverous and shows her eldest son no physical affection.
  • Suppose the cadaverous old windbag is right?
  • Al manages to be cadaverous at the same time he busts out of his pants.
  • The opportunity for them to contaminate their hands with cadaverous particles was thereby greatly reduced.
  • But when he returns _ looking lean and cadaverous and malevolent _ the mystery only intensifies.
  • They are a formal, cadaverous lot given to mirthless giggles and convulsive, rasping gasps.
  • Impoverished families squatted like tinkers in blocks of cadaverous abandoned buildings, fearing the nightly arsonists.
  • Greg Hicks, a tall, almost cadaverous actor, has a sonorous, often sardonic voice.
  • Tensions came to a boiling point within The Limit Club and Cadaverous Joel was asked to leave.
  • Each time the Rolling Stones tour, their cadaverous looks are more wildly at odds with their material.
  • Sliders controlled the eyebrows, mouth and forehead, producing a variety of eerily lifelike yet cadaverous expressions.
  • Semmelweis's decision stopped the ongoing contamination of patients mostly pregnant women with " cadaverous particles ".
  • Reviewing the second production, Atkinson called Leeds " a cadaverous, loose-jointed noody ."
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