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English-Hindi > cadinene

cadinene meaning in Hindi

cadinene sentence in Hindi
1.The enzyme cyclizes farnesyl diphosphate to delta-cadinene and releases pyrophosphate.

2.Some of its chemical components are alpha pinene, cadinene, camphene and terpineol.

3.L . ), the wood of which yields an oil from which cadinene isomers were first isolated.

4.Delta-cadinene synthase is one of the key steps in the synthesis of gossypol, a toxic terpenoid produced in cotton seeds.

5."' Delta-cadinene synthase "', a sesquiterpene cyclase, is an enzyme expressed in plants that catalyzes a cyclization reaction in terpenoid biosynthesis.

6."' Cadinene "'is the trivial chemical name of a number of isomeric hydrocarbons that occur in a wide variety of essential oil-producing plants.

7.Other terpenoids present only in traces are sabinene, ?-terpinene, 1, 8-cineole ( eucalyptol ), pulegone, ?-terpinene, terpineol-4-ol, bornyl acetate, ?-copaene, alloaromadendrene, viridiflorene, ?-bisabolene, ?-cadinene, trans-?-farnesene, trans-nerolidol, and ?-bisabolol.

8.Wintergreen oil is a pale yellow or pinkish fluid liquid that is strongly aromatic with a sweet, woody odor ( components : methyl salicylate ( about 98 % ), a-pinene, myrcene, delta-3-carene, limonene, 3, 7-guaiadiene, and delta-cadinene ) that gives such plants a distinctive " medicinal " smell whenever bruised.

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