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caesura sentence in Hindi

"caesura" meaning in Hindicaesura in a sentence
  • The poet uses enjambment and caesura to have the desired structure.
  • Emily also uses caesura in the first line in stanza four.
  • There is usually a caesura after the ictus of the third foot.
  • His verses are mostly octosyllables with, generally, a median caesura.
  • A fermata may be placed over a caesura to indicate a longer pause.
  • This caesura is not guaranteed teleportation but has a low chance of succeeding.
  • The caesura formula is a good base for enjambment.
  • It was metrically stricter, allowing no epic caesura:
  • This line uses caesura in the medial position.
  • The pentameter often displayed a clearer caesura, as in this example from Propertius:
  • He used fractured ( caesura ) poetry for the first time in Arabic poetry.
  • The first possible caesura that one encounters in a line is considered the main caesura.
  • The first possible caesura that one encounters in a line is considered the main caesura.
  • A masculine caesura can offset a hiatus, causing lengthening of an otherwise light syllable.
  • The opposite of an obligatory caesura is a bridge where word juncture is not permitted.
  • Finally, a caesura may be indicated.
  • An experimental technology called caesura is used as the plot-device to carry the novel.
  • A variation of the format breaks the line at the " caesura " or pause.
  • It consists of four 16-syllable lines, with a caesura between syllables eight and nine.
  • The lighter ink expresses a caesura in the text while the darker ink shows a terminal punctuation.
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