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caftan sentence in Hindi

"caftan" meaning in Hindicaftan in a sentence
  • Allowing for nuances, it's like a caftan.
  • That's like seeing Henry Kissinger in a caftan.
  • The popular fez and caftans of the Bogey flick are not obvious.
  • "He was wearing wonderful caftans, " she recalled.
  • The only long gown is a tautly cut caftan in rich burgundy.
  • -- Fendi-bathing suits, caftans, kimonos and more.
  • The caftan is the pivotal point of the new Gucci menswear look.
  • The materials used to create caftans varied according to status and wealth.
  • I wore a white Moroccan caftan on my honeymoon.
  • "I'm not wearing a fez and caftan ."
  • There were also loose caftans and light coats inspired by clerics'robes.
  • The birthday boy wore a caftan and a court jester's cap.
  • Hazmi answered, wearing the thin blue caftan that serves as his nightshirt.
  • A sheer black caftan was worn over pants.
  • Dolce and Gabbana _ great suits and caftans.
  • Fendi _ more caftans and night gown dresses.
  • It also sponsors " Caftan ", an annual commercial fashion event.
  • The caftan is exotic, and it was a general trend for the summer season.
  • Caftans and other separates also are available in large sizes at The Forgotten Woman stores.
  • And she wears caftans all the time.
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