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English-Hindi > cal

cal meaning in Hindi

cal sentence in Hindi
• कैलरी
• कैलोरी
• उष्मांक
1.And that case is People vs . Cain at 216 Cal.

2.Especially being at Southern Cal, the way the tailbacks went.

3.Cal is advising Brownie over morning coffee at Smitty's.

4.Barr is more interested in his little place in Cal history.

5.Amos and Cal have been disagreeing on everything since first grade.

6.Cal mutters as he holds up his cup for a refill.

7.Harvard, Cal Tech, Berkeley, MIT and . ..

8.Cal is still hoping to redshirt promising sophomore quarterback Pat Barnes.

9.We're the antithesis of the Cal situation ."

10.The result was Cal's second-worst beating ever.

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